Serial Suite Kit

The Serial Suite Tuning Kit

Consists of everything needed to reprogram or “Flash” the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) now included in every car, motorcycle and recreational vehicle manufactured. It allows our Authorized Dealers to send ECUnleashed performance Tune Files from your computer directly to your customers ECU.

  • No hardware to install on vehicle
  • Available for an ever growing list of vehicles
  • Fast and Easy process

The Serial Suite Software

Included in every tuning kit, the Serial Suite Software is a simple and effective interface that give our Authorized Dealers the ability to select from one of the largest and most diverse vehicle ECU performance Tune File database in the world. With a simple click of a button, you will reprogram the factory ECU with a your choice of professionally dyno tested and tuned performance files OR send us a custom Tune File ORDER FORM listing your modifications and requests and within 24-48 hours we will create your own Tune File at no additional cost.

  • 6-8% Power Gain
  • Increased Top End Power
  • Eliminates Throttle Restrictions
  • Smooth and Consistent Drive-Ability
  • Better Deceleration – Engine Braking

How to use the Serial Suite Kit?

The entire process can be performed in a few easy steps

1. Connect Serial Suite Tuning kit to your computer and connect the SSK outputs to the ECU

2. Chose the performance file that matches your customers vehicle

3. Push GO!!!!!

To purchase the Serial Suite Kit and become an Authorized Tuning Station contact us at

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