Honda CBR600RR & CBR1000RR – ECU Performance Reflash

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Making History…..The ALL NEW Honda CBR600RR & 1000RR ECU Performance Reflash

The Honda Tune Files are 100% completed Gen 2 Files that have NOT ONLY been perfected on the Dyno, but have also receive months of track testing & tuning with some of the top race teams around the world. The NEW Honda Tune Files have produced astonishing results in increased horsepower & torque as well as improvements in overall ride-ability. For the first time in history, Honda riders around the world will have the opportunity to experience the full potential of their CBR.


For additional information on the Honda ECU Performance Reflash please contact your local ECUnleashed Authorized Tuning Center………


* Available for most Honda/Keihin based motorcycles including:

– 2003-14 CBR600RR

– 2004-14 CBR1000RR

– 2011-14 CBR250RR

– 2008-13 CB1000R

– 2005-13 CB1300R

– 2007-13 CB600F

– VFR1200

– and many more



Remove factory restrictions
Increase rev limit
Optimized ignition & fuel mapping
Improve on/off throttle control
Tuned deceleration maps
Gen 2 files for stock & modified
Eliminate top speed limiter

*** For Race or Track use ONLY***

The ECUnleashed Tuning Technology High Performance ECU Tuning & Reflashing Service is designed for off-road use ONLY. The use of any ECUnleashed Tuning Technology product and/or service on public roads is prohibited. Before the use or purchase of any ECUnleashed Tuning Technology product or service, please read our “Terms of Use Agreement” at the link below.


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